A new language: Ceramic stoneware as a tangible instrument, and a graphic sign as a linguistic tool.

Styl’editions turns the world of industrial ceramics upside down and inside out by amplifying the nature of its raw materials, avoiding overall glazes and decorations. Focusing on humanistic projects, the concepts of each collection are design sensitivity, architectural orientation, knowledge and respect of the material.
Graphic design blends with the ceramic base without visual or conceptual overlappings, coexisting and enhancing each other, achieving innovative results. Method and creativity determine a new language.

The versatility of the materials and the dynamic production make limitless furnishing solutions possible, granting total freedom to the consumer.

The contamination between industrial manufacturing and high-end craftsmanship allows new production techniques, such as combinations of sandblasting integrated to different materials. Research is the only way to keep providing our clients innovative and unique solutions for living spaces, offices and contract.

Styl’editions offers a tailored design and a production without constraints for unique projects, franchises, accommodation facilities.