A module which can be composed and recomposed defines six coordinated graphics which may be applied in inhabited spaces.
Moduli collection allows you switch from one texture to another, offering transformation and defining functions and status to ambiences.

The setting is completed by Tessile porcelain stoneware slabs in the black and white versions, produced by Styl’editions, Luce Solida lamps – produced by De Castelli – and the Sottosopra floor mirrors – produced by 0.0 Flat Floor – based on a design by Gumdesign … and the donkey does not fly!



The Appunti collection is freely born and inspired by Italo Calvino’s work; a graphic reproduction of threads which create spaces for new domestic and office environments.

The Appunti wallpaper collection is set with Trama Nero ceramic slabs produced by Styl’Editions, the collections Traccianti and Instanti Inclusi are by La Casa di Pietra, the lamp Luce Solida is produced by De Castelli, the coffee table Rotazione Sincrona and the Tramato console are produced by 0.0 Flat Floor – designed by gumdesign.



“The triptych Animale, Vegetale, Minerale was created with irony on the presumption that all designers and illustrators must redesign the world. In our small universe made of hand-written laid signs, we feel a little like the masters of the world. In a world where boundaries and a sense of meaning fail us, we try to believe that by redesigning, we may be able to control it. This is nevertheless an illusion of which we are the first to be aware of”.
Massimo Giacon.

The wallpaper collections Animale, Minerale and Vegetale by Styl’editions are set with the collections Congiunzioni, Traccianti, Cesta and Corba by La Casa di Pietra, the lamp Solida is produced by De Castelli, the tables Filo are produced by 0.0 Flat Floor – designed by gumdesign.



The idea of the collection Istinti was born with the influence connected to the animal kingdom world, where incredible colours are necessary to communicate, to stave off a predator or to approach an animal of its own kind: these are precise signals. The accuracy of the graphic design is an illustrated interpretation, where the marks are studied in detail with layers of colours and black and white signs, which effectively describe the history of the animal world.

The Istinti wallpaper collection is set with Dieciperdieci Bianco Nero porcelain stoneware slabs produced by Styl’Editions, the Stonato lamp collection produced by Martinelli Luce, the Rotazione Sincrona table produced by 0.0 Flat Floor – designed by gumdesign.



“A lonely man walks aimlessly with his bags. It looks like a poetic picture of a hippy in the seventies, nevertheless the landscape is no longer the same. In a few decades we have used all our planets resources, and what remains is a geological stratification of waste and desolation”.
Paolo Ulian

The wallpaper collection “Il Viaggiatore” is set with the following collections: dieciperdiceci porcelain stoneware slabs in black version by styl’editions, sculptures by velocimano de la casa di pietra, flora lamp by tredicidesign, tables by filo di 0.0 flat floor – designed by gumdesign



“A place, a scenery, a spatial composition: walls covered with textile geometries, a table, a bench, two lamps and Soggetti Smarriti”.
Laura Fiaschi e Gabriele Pardi / Gumdesign

The wallpaper collection Tessile Nero, with its 3D relief, is set together with the collections Tessile Bianco in porcelain stoneware slabs by Stlyl’editions, with sculptures Soggetti Smarriti produced by UpGroup, lamps by Luce Solida, Mastro table and bench made by De Castelli, designed by Gumdesign.



“A dreamlike space dedicated to the Moon, the night and its fantastic inhabitants.”
Laura Fiaschi and Gabriele Pardi / Gumdesign

The Luna wallpaper collection is set with sculptures Paesaggi Variabili produced by Friul Mosaico for La Casa di Pietra and the Filo table is produced by 0.0 Flat Floor – designed by Gumdesign.



“The sun becomes an element generating a makerspace, illuminated by precious colors and shadows describing a magical environment, bound to mythical periods”
Laura Fiaschi and Gabriele Pardi / Gumdesign

The Sole wallpaper collection is set with the sculptures Fossili, produced by Dedalo Stone and Rossi Navi for La Casa di Pietra, the table Mastro is produced by De Castelli. Designed by Gumdesign for Styl’Editions; large-sized ceramic slabs at the back of the room, matching the wallpaper illustration dedicated to the Sun.



“Horizontal lines, vertical lines, tiny squares. Wefts and warp. The rhythmic scanning of time is intertwined with the unpredictability of events. Harmony and comfort of everyday life”
Laura Fiaschi and Gabriele Pardi / Gumdesign

The Dieciperdieci C wallpaper collection is set with Istanti Inclusi sculptures produced by Dedalo Stone and Stefano Parrini for La Casa di Pietra, the Nativo furnishing accessories are produced by Nerosicilia and De Castelli, the Stonato lamps are produced by Martinelli Luce and Il Casone – designed by Gumdesign; on the background of the room are large-format black ceramic slabs, Trama Nero, by Styl’Editions.



The tales heard and read as a child generated colorful dreams in me; now, as an adult, daydreams are suggesting me new tales. It is fantastic to be able to live in a world of dreams and fairy tales.
Francesco Musante

The project is part of the new collections realized on wallpaper produced by Styl’Editions, a company based in Sassuolo that began its story in the ceramic world and widened the proposals of decorative applications on various supports. The creative direction of Gumdesign faces the world of surfaces with an experimental and transversal inclination, an innovative use to describe fantastic worlds in inhabited spaces. The wallpaper collection Sogni e Favole is set with the Giuda Taddeo chair produced by M.I.A and designed by Gumdesign.